percy jackson sea of monsters

when Percy Jackson gets into a race with fellow campers he gets attacked by a swarm of deamon birds. They pull out some of there hair and pulling out there hair out of heads and they all go crazy and run around the race track so Percy”s friend Amy shoots the birds with her bow and they go back to the Over world i wounder what will happen next đŸ˜› :D…


Valley of Giant Skeletons

  1. This story is about when Geronimo Stilton, the editor of the Rodents Gazette, goes on a trip to Mongolia with his cousin Trap, sister Thea, and little dear nephew Benjamamin.
  2. On his trip to Mongolia (Valley of Giant Skeletons) his cousin Trap Stilton found a map belonging to Geronimo and Trap’s Uncle Wally.
  3. Geronimo’s sister Thea loves to travel but Geronimo hates traveling:(
  4. The family gets on the plane and Geronimo feels seasick. Wait, or it is airsick? He is both đŸ˜›
  5. i like cake

Ultimate Weird But True

This story is about funny and interesting facts. In this book you can learn about sharks, kings, queens, and animals you probably never heard of. You can also learn about parties all over the world. Some facts I learned were that a sloth can move 5 feet in 1 minute and a human can walk 220 feet in a minute. T-rex is a near relative of chickens. An artist made a tiger made entirely out of sugar.

These are more facts learned the world record for longest life span is 122 years and 188 days. A normal humans life now is 68 years. A famous ruler died on his wedding day. He died because of a bleeding nose.
More facts i learned are elephants are relatives of manatees. Pigs are relatives of camels. A sculptor used 2671 blocks of cheddar cheese to make the 16th president, Abraham Lincoln.

I recommend this book because it is full of facts. I think that this book is for people who like to learn about the entire world and what’s in it. So look at the library for Ultimate Weird But True.

Rainy Days

One rainy day a great fear came…Bonestacker.

He once ruled the land of Pocat Creatures. Now the ruler was Moshin Poshin a.k.a. M.P.

M.P. had an army, but no ordinary army. This was a magical army. Super strong! They had super weapons. Guns that could blast a humongous hole. Bombs that can blow an enormous crater.

The Nude Kid

Once upon a time there was a kid named Neil.  Kids called him the nude kid. Neil didn’t like it!

So…he had a plan to destroy all of the kids that made fun of him. Then right at that moment a ring came from the front door. It was Emily! Neil asked Emily what she was.

…to be continued….